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Leadership Coaching Lacey Wa

Life & Leadership

Coaching geared specifically for clergy and people in leadership roles. Bring the joy back into your leadership and raise it to a new level!

Cancer Coaching Lacey Wa

Cancer Journey Coaching

Specialized coaching and assistance for those that have been affected directly or indirectly by cancer or other major illnesses. Put your life back into the equation!

Mediation Lacey Wa

Transform Conflict

Training for anyone that finds themselves stuck in a conflict in both professional and personal settings. If you feel like everything you’ve tried has failed, don’t give up hope. We can help!

Life Coach Lacey Wa

Coaching & Conflict Transformation, LLC.

David Kegley

David honed his skills during a 25-year career as a pastor. He was drawn toward practices that developed abilities in other people, so they are better equipped to serve. It meant some serious training and development for him in the areas of Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, and Mediation. He especially enjoyed the way-of-being they promoted, namely one of peace making-whole where there are chaos and conflict and helping people re-organize life toward creative and constructive ends. He enjoys coaching clergy and those in executive leadership positions. He loves to coach people through serious chronic illnesses like cancer because he’s been there himself and knows how much difference it can make. He’s learned how to establish a structure and process for people to transform setbacks and conflict into creative outcomes. He invites your questions via email or phone. You’ll see his contact information below. Please leave a message when you call.

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What Can Coaching Do For You?

Life Coaching Lacey Wa
  • Increase Your Potential!

    A life coach helps you make the most out of your time and explore hidden potentials. Your coach helps you track your success and make progress towards your goals. Your time is valuable, your leadership can be expansive, and if you need to re-define your life due to unforeseen circumstances, your life coach is there for you. Your coach can help you move in a positive direction!

  • Be In Charge Of Your Own Life!

    Your coaching time is a confidential dialogue where you can learn to release yourself from perspectives that hold you back. A coach can also help you be more in charge of your own life. If you’ve hit a difficult patch in life, a life coach can help you re-envision your future and address the life you have with hope.

  • Realize Your Success!

    Your coach can encourage you to tap into increased motivation and stay focused on increasingly desirable outcomes. You’ll become more able to hurdle obstacles and find more meaning and purpose in life. With coaching, you’ll develop skills to manage your days one step at a time and realize your own desired outcomes.

At Coaching & Conflict Transformation, LLC, we can offer life coaching services by many different means. Whether you’re in Lacey WA or a different state, you can get the help you need. Dr. Kegley offers his coaching services via telephone, face to face, and videoconferencing. Our coaching will help you realize your full potential and achieve your goals, no matter where you are!

We know that choosing a life coach can be a tough decision, but we can help you make an educated decision. Life coaching in Lacey WA can help you become more decisive and more willing to take action in your life. A life coach can help you put a solid plan to your incomplete vision.

Dr. Kegley is a well-qualified transformational coach and professional mediator. He has spent 25 years as a Presbyterian Pastor and Head of Staff. He spent time listening, leading, teaching, and meeting conflict with creativity and caring for many families. David also holds a doctorate in preaching and theology. As a Newfield Certified Coach (NCC), a Certified Cancer Journey Coach (CCJC) and an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Dr. Kegley is ready to help you with your journey every step of the way.

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