Emotional Intelligence

Posted on by David Kegley

When Daniel Goleman first published Emotional Intelligence back in the mid-90s, he actually changed our culture. Many of the words used in his book became part of the public lexicon of self-improvement. One of his main points in the book was that you really can make a significant improvement in your Emotional Intelligence. Today there’s a handful of surveys that measure the competencies of Emotional Intelligence (EI).

I’ve become a trainer for Emotional Intelligence through the Center for Emotional Intelligence and Human Relations Skills (EQ-HR: THE CENTER FOR EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE & HUMAN RELATIONS SKILLS)and I’ve seen how people can make long-term gains in Emotional Intelligence. I also noticed my own improvement when I took the training myself. I found it rather amazing to be going along in my day-to-day routine and all of a sudden aware that I handled a situation differently; more agile and with less effort.

You can even begin improving right now by simply setting an alarm on your smartphone for three alerts during the day. Each time, ask yourself “What are the emotions I’m feeling right now?” Catalogue those emotions as briefly and simply as possible (perhaps on a notes page on your smartphone) for several weeks. This will increase your emotional self-awareness. This is the first step in increasing all of your EI competencies. There’s plenty of other things you can do, but this opens the door for all the rest.



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