It Pays To Be On A Journey

Posted on by David Kegley

You know, that time when you were going along in life and everything seemed normal? Then things took a turn, your story became complicated. And then, before you could regain yourself, things actually got worse. You felt as though you had hit rock bottom. Then, gradually, though not as you had ever planned it, things began to change and there were people helping you. After that, you learned new things and your life transformed.

What I’ve just described was identified as the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell. In my work with clients undergoing major-life illnesses like cancer, we call it The Cancer Journey Roadmap (Our Story | The Cancer Journey). It’s not that everyone goes through the same sequence. It’s more like we generally have ups and downs and they challenge us to learn and grow. We find that we can see ourselves in a context of progress when we locate ourselves on a map like this.

You can do that too. Just consider your life as a journey and begin to identify where you’ve come from and imagine that you have a road ahead of you. What does the past look like? The present? And how do you describe the future ahead of you? When I coach people along these lines, we have a number of tools we can use to help in the process of locating yourself in your life in a way that opens up new, encouraging possibilities.



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