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Cancer Coaching Lacey WACancer is an illness that affects both the people who are sick and the people around them. The cancer journey is challenging, and it may seem like there is no end in sight. For the people with cancer and those who support them, cancer coaching can put your life back into the equation. When you get diagnosed with cancer or another life-threatening illness, it brings a new set of obstacles and barriers that block your once hopeful path. You lose yourself amid talk of data, prognoses, and alarming realities. The thing is, though, you’re not meant to roll over and let cancer win this battle!

For Dr. Kegley, it was Prostate Cancer and radical prostatectomy. Suddenly his life seemed to shrink down to treatment options, pain, and wondering what would become of his once optimistic self. His coach helped him to make personal breakthroughs, and he can help you do that too.

If you are feeling like you or your loved one is losing their way amid a cancer diagnosis or another life-threatening illness, call Dr. Kegley today. Allow him to help put your life back into the equation. Dr. Kegley also offers on-line life coaching and leadership coaching in Lacey, WA. Please Note: Dr.Kegley Provides All Of His Services Anywhere Via Online Services!

How My Cancer Coaching Can Help You

Whether you have cancer (or significant illness) or are supporting a person with cancer (or life-threatening disease), we’ll start right where you are on the journey. We take it from that point, as you are able. You’ll discover your life in the context of a mission with hope and grow in understanding what is most inspiring. You’ll access values and dreams that come from your inner resources and are proven by your own life experience. You’ll nail down your unique purpose and sort out the next steps. In my coaching process, I work with you to address your fears. I can coach you around the emotional and spiritual being. The goal is to guide you to be the best version of you, given your current circumstances.

There may be a time when you find that treatment options have come to an end, and you are losing ground. If that time comes, your Cancer Coach can help you take the time you need to face some difficult decisions and reflect on what and who in your life matters the most to you. Love, appreciation, and forgiveness are all steps towards profound healing. Support of an experienced coach will help you work your way through all of these intense and confusing feelings.

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We understand that every situation is different. At Coaching & Conflict Transformation, LLC, we want to leave our patients feeling supported and confident in their journey with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. Dr. Kegley has the experience as a pastor, a workshop leader, a mediator, a professional coach, but most of all, as a survivor of his cancer journey. You are not helpless in your fight, and you most certainly are not alone in your battle. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation with Dr. Kegley today to get signed up. Contact Coaching & Conflict Transformation today and let us put your life back in the equation!

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