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Coaching For Those Stuck In Conflict

Coaching Mediation Lacey WAAre you struggling with not feeling heard or understood? Maybe you feel like those around you have turned against you? Do you find yourself having an adverse reaction at work or home to a particular situation? Conflict mediation may be able to help individuals or larger groups solve the issues that come with conflict and confrontation.

Dr. Kegley has performed complex multi-party mediations in congregational and civic settings as a senior mediator. He has ​coached many people in conflicted settings and is a professional coach, Emotional Intelligence Trainer, and workshop leader. Dr. Kegley also spent many years as a pastor, learning and listening to issues and providing positive solutions to people’s problems. Coaching & Conflict Transformation’s proven coaching methods can transform conflict into meaningful outcomes. We also offer leadership coaching in Lacey WA for executives and leaders of the clergy.

Conflict mediation is tailor-made for those dealing with conflict either personally or within their organizations. It is generally a one-on-one, confidential process that helps people effectively engage in situations of conflict. For clients who desire coaching in ways to manage their conflicted situations in the workplace, we recommend a three-month series of coaching. For clients who need mediation right away, please call and leave me a message with a number for me to return your call. In other situations, we may be able to custom make a combination of training, coaching, and mediation to chart a course through your conflict and into productive outcomes for your organization. We aim to provide our clients with the support and expertise necessary to help them transform conflict into the best possible results.

Some Best Practices We Recommend:

  • Make Proposals that Work for all Parties – When you can begin to propose solutions that work for you and the other party(ies) you begin a conversation about solutions that can be mutually satisfying.
  • Use Common Courtesy – No matter how well you know the other people involved, or how angry you are with them, simply showing respect creates an environment where people can have a civil dialogue. Hold yourself to being respectful and courteous.
  • Expect Give and Take – Not everything in mediation is about trading one thing for another, however it works best if you can stick to a process of making proposals and modifying them so all of the parties can have a say in the outcomes.
  • Listen and Acknowledge – Conflicts require listening and being listened to, then some careful acknowledgment of hurt feelings before real solutions can be reached. .

What Happened to Cause This Conflict?

Conflict can come in many different forms and various settings. Conflict may not always be negative. It can be useful in some cases. How individuals react to conflict is what can turn it into a negative. Whether it has happened in your personal life or a professional setting, these factors may be introducing you to conflict:

  • People have taken sides all around you.
  • Being heard and understood seems out of reach
  • Your goals are getting sidelined
  • Your personal life is suffering

Conflict Resolution Lacey WAWhatever conflict you currently experience, we can help you chart a new path forward. If you feel like you have exhausted every way and like there are no other options, there is still hope. Just remember that it is possible to find strength and wisdom within yourself. You can again chart a new path forward for yourself. You can learn how to define yourself without continually blaming others. You can learn how to navigate yourself through conflict, rather than succumbing to it.
Coaching and Conflict Transformation can help you transform your current conflict into more desirable outcomes! Change comes from the systematic application of timely and relevant actions that support your voice, passion, and posture with others. Our coaching service focuses on:

  • Creating practices that address the issues you face.
  • Learning a posture that will improve your interactions with others.
  • De-escalating conflict and helping others to do so.
  • Addressing what matters most to you!

Find Out If Conflict Mediation Is Right For You

Call Dr. Kegley at Coaching & Conflict Transformation today to find out if conflict mediation is right for you! Our experienced and educated coach can help you reach a solution that works best for both parties.

We look forward to getting you on the right path and helping you stay out of being stuck in conflict!

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