Health and Wellness Coaching

Have you gotten stuck in the start-and-stop mode of trying to achieve lifestyle changes for better health and wellness only to end up deflated and discouraged? I’ve gotten caught in a few of those patterns myself. Then I started digging for long-term solutions to get support for things that truly help. That’s where I intersected with Health and Wellness Coaching. It turns out to be the ideal complement to your medical provider’s care. That’s why I love health and wellness coaching.

I love it so much that—in these urgent COVID-19 days—I’m offering it FOR FREE!

I’m currently enrolled in a course that enables me to provide Health and Wellness Coaching. In this process, I’ve advanced to the stage where I begin to take coaching clients. So, I’m ready to help you get connected with your Health and Wellness motivations, become aligned with your best intentions and create new pathways for a better lifestyle.

In partnership with you, we’ll seek your goals of improved well-being.

Your Increased Well-Being:
1. Nutrition and Hydration
2. Physical Activity and Exercise
3. Blood Pressure and Hypertension
4. Sleep
5. Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke
6. Cancer
7. Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
8. Blood Sugar and Diabetes
9. Anxiety, Stress and Emotional Wellness
10. Inflammation and Arthritis
11. Aging
12. Complementary Therapies
13. Depression, Substance Abuse and Addiction
14. Relaxation, Mindfulness and Meditation

We’ll consider your particular interests, create a vision about your desired future and work with obstacles and challenges you are facing.

Once we have our 45-minute orientation call, we’ll be off and running with 30-minute calls thereafter.

Three months, 2 Sessions per month: FREE!


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