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Leadership Coaching OlympiaLeaders are the core of every organization. Their main job is to increase the effectiveness and drive of their employees. As a leader, you’ll be challenged to produce quality output in your field, to be motivational and inspiring, and to manage conflicts all in a timely and professional fashion. Additionally, few people will check in with you to make sure you are taking care of yourself. That’s where leadership coaching comes in to help. It may sound ironic to say that leaders need to coaching, but the truth is that leadership coaching can lead to an increase in the quality of work. Coaching can also lead to higher productivity, engagement, and effectiveness in their roles.

Dr. David Kegley of Coaching & Conflict Transformation, LLC, brings 25 years of leadership in congregations, training, and experience of professional life coaching in Olympia, mediation, and emotional intelligence to leadership coaching. Please Note: Dr.Kegley Provides All Of His Services Anywhere Via Online Services! Dr. Kegley knows that defining yourself as a leader is a critical task. You may often ask yourself how you can show up in the best possible way as a leader? What is the essence of your calling? How can you inspire others to be the best versions of themselves?

Let Coaching & Conflict Transformation help you with effective coaching techniques and methods. We understand that being out in front can be lonely and frustrating. Coaching can help bring life and joy back into your executive role. Your leadership role can, and should, be a joyful expression of your career. It should allow your person and your life’s purpose to shine through. Let our leadership, life coaching, and conflict coaching in Olympia help you get back on track!

Executive Coaching Can Make the Difference

Dr. Kegley’s coaching process can support you to achieve new levels of leadership. As a former pastor and Head of Staff of a 350-member congregation and a career pastor since 1992, he learned how to manage and lead well. While it wasn’t easy, Dr. Kegley, too, received the proper amount of leadership guidance. If you are a pastor or an executive leader in your industry, you could benefit immensely from coaching. It can help turn deadlock and stalled progress into turning points that benefit the people you work with and lead. It will open up an opportunity to care for yourself and access your motivations. It can also help you address what matters most to you. Take the time to focus on your vision and dreams and realize what you are called to do.

Executive coaching can help you become the successful leader that you desire to be! With proper coaching, you can start to envision your true self and see others clearer for the person they are. You will learn different approaches to responding and build productive relationships. With these tools, success is on your horizon. In the end, your path gets determined by the choices you make. Let our leadership coaching help you achieve what you want out of your role in life.

Executive Coaching Olympia

Other Benefits of Leadership Coaching

Our coaching services can help you become a better leader and executive. Here are some of the other benefits that our coaching can bring:


Have you ever worked hard to achieve results, then evaluated only to find that you didn’t get the results you wanted? Then, perhaps you redoubled your efforts to get the results you wanted? Maybe, after that, you changed some of the actions you used to achieve the results you wanted, but still, the desired results were illusive? Dr. Kegley of Coaching & Conflict Transformation LLC uses several approaches to address the vicious cycle. You’ll learn how to break up old patterns and to gain a different vantage point from which to see actions and desired outcomes. Your performance is a crucial concern, and we have ways to help you improve!


Even the best leaders have areas of performance that need enhancing. We’ll leverage your strengths to address any weaknesses you may have. You also learn how to generate new perspectives, emotions, postures, and language to make changes with the way you see situations and the way you intervene in cases to make a leadership difference.


Our coaching can help you get back to doing exceptional work in your leadership role. It can help you find those strengths and weaknesses in yourself that you may not have known all along. You may be fully aware of S.M.A.R.T. (Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goals, and they can be instrumental in improving your performance. A Leadership Coach can help you approach those goals with fresh motivation. Additionally, the skills that Dr. Kegley brings to setting goals will help you go deeper, to your heart and soul so that you access your vision for life and stronger motivation for your life’s purpose. You’ll learn to appreciate yourself more.

Professional Coaching Services

For professional and experienced leadership and clergy coaching services, look to Dr. David Kegley at Coaching & Conflict Transformation, LLC. We can help raise your leadership role to a new level. Contact us today for a free consultation and get your leading skills back on track!

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