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Life Coach OlympiaHaving a life coach can exponentially impact your everyday life. With a proven coaching process, a life coach can be one of the most influential people in your life. Think of life coaching as a personal trainer for your whole way of being. A life coach can help you improve the way you see your life, change discouragement into confidence and clarity, helping you rise to your best intentions. A life coach offers you the skills and tools to help you transform yourself and continue to move forward in your life.

Dr. David Kegley of Coaching & Conflict Transformation, LLC, is a certified coach (NCC, CCJC, ACC) and mediator. With 25 years of experience as a pastor and a workshop leader for Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Transformation, Dr. Kegley can help you turn your life around. With excellent teaching, listening, and creativity, David has helped many clients realize their potential and reach the goals they set. Dr. Kegley also offers mediation services, cancer coaching, and expert leadership coaching in Olympia. Please Note: Dr.Kegley Provides All Of His Services Anywhere Via Online Services!

What Life Coaching Can Do For You

Life coaching has many incredible benefits that go along with it. Every person is unique in their way, and every coaching experience will be different from the other. Each client will have a plan specifically tailored to them, building their path towards success. We want to help our clients feel empowered by their journey and take back control of their lives. Here are some other great benefits of life coaching:

  • Increase Your Potential: A life coach helps you make the most out of your time and explore hidden potentials. Your coach enables you to track your success and make progress towards your goals. Your time is valuable, and your leadership can be expansive. If you require re-defining your life due to unforeseen circumstances, your life coach is there for you. Your coach can help you move in a positive direction!
  • Take Charge of Your Life: Your coaching time is a confidential dialogue where you can learn to release yourself from perspectives that hold you back. A coach can also help you be more in charge of your own life. If you’ve hit a difficult patch in life, a life coach can help you re-envision your future and address the experience you have with hope.
  • Realize Your Success: Your coach can encourage you to tap into increased motivation and stay focused on increasingly desirable outcomes. You’ll become more able to hurdle obstacles and find more meaning and purpose in life. With coaching, you’ll develop skills to manage your days one step at a time and realize your own desired outcomes.
  • Overcome Your Obstacles: Stop running from your fears and, instead, run towards them. Make them a part of your eventual success!

Life Coaching OlympiaA life coach is dedicated to you and focuses on your progress. A life coach will regularly check in with you and hold you accountable to your goals and manage your growth. You can count on your coach to give you honest feedback so that you gain a more informed understanding of the barriers that hold you back.

Professional Life Coaching Services

Take charge of your life! Dr. David Kegley has the knowledge and the experience to help you on your journey. Don’t go it alone! A coach can help you get directly engaged with the life you most want to live. Contact David at Coaching & Conflict Transformation, LLC today, and get your life on track!

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