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Mediation for Work or Home Conflicts

Mediation OlympiaWhile conflict may be healthy in our everyday lives, it doesn’t need to destroy relationships. It can be a chance to build a level of understanding and communication. How you handle conflict as an individual or an organization is crucial. It is hard to open dialogue in a hostile environment. A trained and certified conflict mediator can help bridge the gap. Mediators can help create an optimal space for people to voice concerns in the workplace or at home and can identify common ground. The main goal of mediation is to work toward an agreement that works for both parties.

Dr. David Kegley at Coaching & Conflict Transformation, LLC, is a trained and certified conflict mediator with 25 years of experience as a pastor, coach, and leader. He provides experienced and knowledgeable conflict mediation services, as well as life coaching and leadership coaching in Olympia. Please Note: Dr.Kegley Provides All Of His Services Anywhere Via Online Services! He has performed complex multi-party mediations in congregational and civic settings as a senior mediator, professional coach, Emotional Intelligence Trainer, and workshop leader.

Make the Best of Your Difficult Situations

If you or others have tried everything to solve problematic situations, it is essential to use a neutral third party to get a positive outcome. Mediation works best when people are willing to sit down together, even in times of conflict. It allows them to work through their differences with a skilled practitioner. In two-party issues, mediators attempt to create a clear path forward, help calm any problems, and help promote more positive constructive thoughts. Sometimes, groups can get into a deadlock. When this happens, skilled multi-party mediators can help transform the conflict into productive work.

It’s Time To Get Help

If you have reached a point in your conflict where everything you try seems only to make things worse, it’s time to seek help. Conflict can take over lives, drowning out any enthusiasm, and eroding existing relationships. A mediator applies an active process and walks you through each step thoroughly and carefully. Mediators will remain neutral and support both parties to come up with their solutions to the issue. A mediator will work with you to ensure your agreements are as durable and fair as possible. Dr. Kegley works with a co-mediator and utilizes an interest-based model of mediation.

Mediator Services OlympiaWhatever is causing conflict, there is a right way to handle it going forward. Our coaching services can help you start your path. If you feel like you have exhausted every idea and like there are no other options, there is still hope. You can again chart a new path forward for yourself. You can learn how to define yourself without continually blaming others. You can learn how to navigate yourself through conflict, rather than succumbing to it. Conflict resolution from Coaching & Conflict can help you! Change comes from the systematic application of timely and relevant actions that support your voice, passion, and posture with others.

Our Conflict Coaching service focuses on:

  • Creating practices that address the issues you face.
  • Learning a posture that will improve your interactions with others.
  • De-escalating conflict and helping others to do so.
  • Addressing what matters most to you!

We can provide mediation for many different parties, including:

  • Couples
  • Employees
  • Supervisors/Managers
  • Parents
  • Neighbors

Solve Your Conflict Today

Dr. Kegley advises his mediation clients to call him directly so they can begin the intake process. At Coaching & Conflict Transformation, we care about helping you find solutions and look forward to meeting with you.

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