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My goal as a life, leadership, cancer, and mediation coach it to make sure that you gain as much from your experience with me as possible. I do that through conversation and feedback from my students. Please feel free to leave me a review using the form on this page. I look forward to reading about you and your coaching experience!

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David Definitely Ranks Upon The Top

Throughout my lifetime, I have had a number of therapists and coaches, David definitely ranks upon the top. What I appreciate most about being coached by David is his ability to connect with me no matter where I am on the spectrum emotionally.

I have found coaching to be a necessary component of my survivorship. Life can throw us many curves that leave us bewildered and uncertain about how to proceed. I believe having a coach has allowed me to embrace some of my greatest challenges and fears with the belief that I can endure and overcome any obstacles I may face. David brings an arsenal of tools and techniques to each session, which provides me with multiple options on how to navigate any situation.

Survivor in Sacramento, CA

His Thorough Preparation Made The process Efficient

I always liked being part of a group facilitated by David because his thorough preparation made the process efficient, the goals were made clear, he made sure everyone had an opportunity to participate, he appreciated all contributions and didn’t let us wander too far away from our original purpose.

Group Participant in Washington State

David Has An Ability To Hear Beyond

David has an ability to hear beyond the words and helps me get to the core of my issue.  His patient presence and attentive approach makes me feel heard, seen, and gotten.

Coaching is different than talking with a friend, family member, and even a therapist.  David taught me how to fish (find my own answer) rather than providing me with a fish (or the answer).  He never told me what to do, but rather he helped me uncover what I wanted and helped me figure out how to make that happen.  I felt more empowered with his coaching and help.

For me, a Cancer Journey Coach was able to relate to the situation I was in and the things I was experiencing.  I felt like I was not walking this cancer journey alone and had a skilled and experienced guide.  David showed me tools that I could use when I started to panic and how to deal with all of the changing emotions that would come up.  Other coaches typically want me to move forward and David, my Cancer Journey Coach, allowed me to be and explore where I was so that I could let it go cleanly and clearly rather than just pushing ahead.  And, his bag of cancer journey tools really helped me get out of the pit when I got stuck.  He was extremely helpful.

Survivor in San Francisco, CA

Coaching Has Helped Me Immensely

Dr. David Kegley’s coaching has helped me immensely as I have started my first career call as a pastor. His coaching helped me work through some personal/professional anxiety by providing daily routines to help calm myself. These routines were designed to help in the moment and to recognize the anxiety before it got out of hand. With Dr. Kegley’s help, I feel that I am a better leader and person than I was before.

The Rev. Dexter Kearny

David Was Quick To Listen

David was quick to listen. His wealth of knowledge and deep-set want to help others was easy to see within minutes of our first conversation. When first we spoke, I had a wide list of goals I wanted to work towards. David helped me organize my thoughts and encouraged me to ask myself the right questions.

Ahmad Chudnoff

The Skills I Have Learned…

Coaching with David has been an essential part of my personal growth and current career transition.  David helped me uncover what I really want in a career and how to get there by building the skills I need to achieve my goals.  The skills I have learned continue to serve me in many parts of my life.  David asked the right questions to help me to better understand what I want and build the confidence to pursue it.

What I most appreciate about the coaching experience is that it provides the guidance to build important skills and gives you the time and space to focus on your goals and make them a priority.  I was focused on a career change in my life coaching sessions with David, and he taught me how to use my language, body, and emotions to increase my ability to achieve what I previously doubted was possible.  I’m very grateful for what I learned and the new skills I have gained.

Micah Sorum

He Is Always Committed

David has not only helped me name my greatest values for my vocational life, but he has also helped me identify tangible ways I can make that vision a reality. What I appreciate most about my coaching sessions with David is that he doesn’t simply answer the questions about my vocational and personal life I bring to him. Instead, he is always committed to doing the much more rewarding soul-work of helping me go beneath my questions to reconnect to the layers of resource, emotion, and strength I already have within myself.

The Rev. Liz Kearny

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